Homer Conferencing

Homer is a free cross-platform SIP softphone with video support. It can also be used for playback/streaming of audio/video.

Homer is a free cross-platform SIP softphone with advanced audio and video functions for playback and streaming.

Homer Conferencing (short: Homer) is a free cross-platform SIP softphone with video support. The Homer software is able to communicate in peer-to-peer mode without any infrastructure. But it also supports SIP servers (PBX boxes) as well. The amount of participants per live video conference is not limited by the software. Besides the conference functions, Homer can also be used for video/audio streaming, recording and screencasting. Video as well as audio data from files or hardware devices can be streamed to every conference participant individually. Additionally, video/audio streams can be started as separate unicast transmissions to any host in the local network or in the Internet with quality settings from very low to very high (HDTV).

Homer supports for the transmission of A/V stream basically both IPv4 and IPv6. The protocol version is selected automatically. For the transmission of A/V data, Homer does not only support the classic transport protocols TCP and UDP, but also alternative protocols, e.g., SCTP and UDP-Lite, are supported. The possibilities in this context are limited by the used operating system and the therefore available functions.

Homer is both a SIP softphone (with video support) and a video/audio streaming solution. Homer is the only known softphone which allows using a local audio/video file for broadcast (e.g. as replacement for the local camera picture and the audio input from the microphone) during a video conference session. Existing software solutions support either video conference or audio/video streaming functions. Moreover, Homer can be used for broadcasting the live desktop picture.

Homer Conferencing was designed for end users with advanced knowledge about audio/video streaming and SIP conferencing. Additionally, Homer can be used for experiments with network protocols.

Homer Conferencing


Homer Conferencing 0.25.0

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  • timothy.d.legg

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    "Vaporware with a GUI."

    Looks like vaporware with a GUI. Mailing list subscribe button is broke. No public mailing list archives either. I'm ... More.

    reviewed on February 10, 2015